Become a Lyfestyle Athlete

Exercise Progress:

We’re strong believers that exercise will help you with your weight management, but the top benefits of exercising are:

  • Enhanced cardiovascular
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Immune & Cognitive Function
  • Superior health & Well being

We don’t recommend you busting out a hard daily workout and then heading off into a sedentary job, seating at desk jobs.

It’s critical to model the spirit of our ancestors and to promote optimal gene expression by engaging in at least three to six hours per week of structured multifunctional aerobic workouts.

Many fitness enthusiasts engage in a pattern of overly stressful aerobic workouts that are too long, too hard, and conducted too frequently with insufficient rest in between. This approach what we refer to as “chronic cardio” – leads to fatigue, suppressed immune function, injury, failed weight loss efforts, and burnout among what should be considered the healthiest and fittest modern humans.

Stimulating the “fight” response promotes optimal gene expression when efforts are brief, intense, and occasional. Those are the premises of the 25 AM (Anatome Method) which you workout for 25 minutes 3 times per week. More details on the 25AM ANATOME METHOD e-Book. Download it now! Just send an email request to [email protected]

Our human genes are operating on a “survivor of the fittest” principle but we’re simply not adapted to grind ourselves to down through chronic exercises to the point of illness, injury, and burnout.

Exercising at or below your maximum aerobic heart rate allows you to hone your fat burning skills even further and to develop a strong fitness base without the breakdown and burnout caused by chronic cardio.

Become a Lifestyle Athlete and challenge your body from time to time with brief, intense workouts that help build strength, speed, and power – great markers for anti-aging as well as broad athletic competency.

The key here is to keep the intensity high and the duration short, and allow for sufficient recovery between sessions.

You will find all the 4 primal essential movements on the 25AM Lean & Toned program. A variety of pushups, pull ups, squats & planks. They are simple, safe, functional full body exercises that are scalable to all fitness levels.

25min workout to get you leaned and toned.


All 25AM Circuit training has a video to show each exercise

The videos will guide you in the perfect form to perform the exercises to prevent injuries and to guarantee the best results.