PC Day – Protein & Carbohydrate

Exercise Progress:

The PC days will be in between the series of PO days to manage your progress and improve results.

You can always adjust the starting time according to your work and everyday routine.

The picture on the side serves as a basic example of how a PO day should work.

It’s highly recommended that you start your day taking PRO Colostrum-LD https://www.procolostrumld.com/drrusilko/ first thing in the morning to take care of your gut health and maintain a functional gastrointestinal tract, which is the 1st key to optimizing your health in general. Colostrum is incredibly effective at shutting down the cause of most disease and infection; when this occurs our body can then work to repair and rebuild the damage and allow us to enjoy radiant and robust health. RRO Colostrum-LD is a physician grade prescription only supplement, to assure the highest quality, NO binders, fillers, dyes, or unknown substances. To order, just use the link https://www.procolostrumld.com/drrusilko/

30 minutes after taking the PRO Colostrum-LD its time to have LYFE FORCE, our base formula of keto water and amino acids that will trigger the Ketosis process to weight loss leading your body to a metabolic state triggered by a lack of carbs that kicks fat-burning
into overdrive; it kills pesky cravings; and it boosts cognitive function, mainlining a shining dose of mental clarity into your foggy morning skull.

Take your PRE WO – LYFE BURN to assure endurance and performance during your work out and at the end don’t forget to take your POST WO – LYFE STRONG with the perfect formula to provide your muscle tissue the necessary amount of nutrients, protein, glutamine and amino acids to complete the muscle synthesis and recovery process.

All LYFE ONE Vitamin and Supplement line will be medical grade with the highest quality in process and sources. Don’t forget to sign up at lyfe.one to get access to our product line to be launched soon.

We also recommend incorporating Bone Broth to your regular diet because of its nutritional value; containing collagen, amino acids, glucosamine chondroitin and protein. I found this unique bone broth with high levels of calcium (30% daily recommended value in 8oz)
and sulfated GAGs—an important anti-inflammatory. Check it out at https://brothmasters.com?aff=53

The goal here is to support you through the transition from a sugar / carb burner to fat / ketone burner. That’s why the PO number of days are gradually increased in your diet routine.

We recommend that you start the Reboot Plan on a Monday. This way, by the time you reach the 5 consecutive PO days at the end of the plan, you will have two PC days during the weekend.

5PO/2PC is our Lyfe One Diet Mode. Your week days will be basically PO days with 10 hour windows to eat.. Your weekends will be PC days with 12 hour windows to eat and enjoy your nutritious choices of protein and carbs.