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They are unnecessary.

Why no grains? GRAINS ARE CHEAP SOURCE OF CALORIES that easily converts to GLUCOSE.

Let’s just start by saying that there’s no good on eating refined carbohydrates like sugars, sweetened beverages and all forms of GRAINS. They have high insulin response and far less nutritional value than primal foods. On top of that, grains contain anti-nutrients (toxins) that promotes inflammation and compromises digestion and immune system function. Whole grains contains anti-nutrients in the form of lectins, glutens, and phytates that can compromise your health.


  • Whole grains
  • Wheat
  • Rice
  • Corn

“All of us are intolerant to the anti-nutrients in whole grains at some level.”

LECTINS ARE NATURAL PLANT TOXINS that suppress immune function, interfere with normal protective gut barriers, and promote inflammation by allowing undigested protein molecules to infiltrate your digestive tract and trigger an autoimmune response, known as “leaky gut syndrome.” You may not feel any major symptoms, but toxic foreign agents are inflicting long-term damage on your delicate digestive tract.

GLUTEN IS A TYPE OF LECTIN that triggers a pro-inflammatory condition in the body, disturbing healthy immune function and promoting all manner of inflammation related problems on our skin,

joints, reproductive system, as well as causing allergies and other serious disease over time.

PHYTATES are indigestible agents that bind with and inhibit the absorption of important nutrients in the digestive tract, such as calcium, magnesium, iron, and zinc.

Phytates are found not only in whole grains but also in legumes, nuts and seeds. That’s why we recommend to eat LOW PORTIONS of phytates, because on the other hand, they do present healthy boosting “phyto” nutrient properties.

Trust me: you have no idea what grains are doing to your body until you stop for 21 days!

VEGETARIANS are excessive phytate in-takers due to the high levels of grain foods on their diet.

Millions of people take multi-vitamin supplement and minerals for overall health improvement, as well as taking calcium supplement to prevent diseases such as osteoporosis, but also consume a lot of “healthy whole grains” and then wonder why their bone density doesn’t improve or their overall health and immune system shows no improvement.

It’s likely from the high level of phytates in the grains that may be inhibiting their absorption and preventing your body of getting the

full benefits of the nutrients on your diet and/or your supplementation.

Reboot your digestive system.

Lower the phytates on your diet by saying no to grains and you will be taking action against bloating, bowel irregularities, colitis, gas, constipations, and other digestive issues.