SAY NO TO SUGAR & GRAINS, you are better off without them.

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Lets talk about insulin.

Well known as our “master hormone”, insulin has a crucial role of transporting nutrients
from the bloodstream into the cells in our body, but the most important influence happens in our muscle and fat cells.

Our goal here is to reboot your genes to operate more efficiently at lower insulin levels to minimize fat storage, regulate your appetite and boot your metabolism of cholesterol and

By optimizing insulin production, sex hormones are properly delivered to target organs, cholesterol becomes your friend and helps you giving more energy and hormone production. Appetite, sleep and thyroid hormones becomes balanced.

When it comes to sugar and grains… they are one of the main reasons why you don’t live as
long, or as well as you should. Thanks to a grain based and high carbohydrate diet that is generating a constant overdose of insulin production in your body.

Attention: SUGAR will make you grow old and wrinkled faster.

Collagen and elastin in your skin cells are super vulnerable to glycation and other diseases caused by excessive insulin production levels.

Taking control of your insulin production is key for a healthy lifestyle and longevity. It will neutralize the pathologies of metabolic syndrome, systemic inflammation, glycation, obesity, and heart disease originated in large part from being a sugar burner.


0 to 50 gram per day on PO (Protein Only) days

Maintaining nutritional ketosis supports rapid fat reduction, improve
cognitive and athletic performance, and reduction of disease risk factors – particularly cognitive and inflammation – related conditions. Vegetable consumptions highly recommended.

50 to 100 gram per day on PO (Protein Only) or PC (Protein & Carbs) days

Weight loss diet, minimizes insulin production and accelerates fat metabolism, but always meeting the daily protein requirements, eating nutritious vegetables and fruits. Staying satisfied enjoying delicious lean fat foods (lean meat, wild fish, eggs, nuts, seeds).

100 to 150 gram per day on PC (Protein & Carbs) days

Allows for genetically optimal fat burning, muscle development, and weight maintenance. Enjoy the carbohydrates from vegetables, nuts, fruits, and dark chocolate.